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Best International School in Jakarta, Here Are 4 Reasons Choose Global Sevilla

International schools are characterized by students who are fluent in multiple languages ​​and have good academic performance. However, Global Sevilla has an enormous different focus from other schools in providing education. This international school in Jakarta provides character development as well as academic achievement. For more details, check the information here!


The Reason Why Global Sevilla Is the Best School You Should Choose

1. Classifying Academic Levels Based on Age

As one of the best schools in Indonesia, Global Sevilla realizes that building character through education is not an easy thing to do. There needs to be a long-term process for character building starting at an early age. For these reasons, Global Sevilla offers three different academic levels for its students based on age.

The three academic levels start from the most basic, namely kindergarten, elementary school, and high school. Each program has a different curriculum approach to teaching it. In addition, learning will also be adjusted based on student characteristics. For example, kindergartens will focus on developmental needs, primary schools will implement active learning inquiry, and secondary schools will focus on research.

2. Focus on Character Building

Unlike other schools, Global Sevilla international school in Jakarta implements a curriculum that is quite effective in teaching its students. This institution does not only focus on academic values because character building is also a special concern. Students need to have good character to be able to study well and get good achievements and skills in the future.

3. Balanced in Education

Global Sevilla not only offers a curriculum by classifying three different levels but also a balanced education for the development of students both socially and emotionally. This international school offers the best education system to direct its students to have high academic performance. To support this education system, Global Sevilla uses an international standard learning syllabus, namely the Cambridge curriculum.

4. Attention-Based Approach

To maintain a balance of positive character and good academics, Global Sevilla implements a mindfulness-based approach. With this system, the international school in Jakarta contributes to making students more comfortable when studying at school. It will reduce students’ anxiety and stress while at school. That is why they can develop their potential and improve academic results.

Those are the things that should make Global Sevilla the best school in Indonesia. In addition to providing an international standard curriculum, this school also provides a program that is beneficial for students, especially character building. Global Sevilla provides a balanced education between academics and character so that they can be more successful in the future.

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